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Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation

The Foundation of the Barrie Memorial Hospital was established in 1973 to collect donations or bequests to help the hospital better achieve its mission of care and health services to the population of the territory of the Haut-Saint-Laurent. 

The funds help maintain excellence in the quality of services offered to users by investing in medical devices and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. In addition, the Foundation is involved financially in the construction and renovation projects of the hospital.

The Foundation has never deviated from its purpose in order to financially support the best care and health services to the Barrie Memorial Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the population, the Foundation can continue its work.

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News about the foundation's activities

  • EXPO MOTO (Montréal) CVMG Rally!

    On August 5, 2017, at the Pritchard Farm in Ormstown, the Expo Moto ACMA (Montréal) CVMG Rally took place. The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group has again raised funds for a variety or charities. The Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation has been, and continues to be, one of those charities. A cheque in the amount of $2,000

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  • Purchase of a Pinel Restraint System

    The Foundation announces the purchase of a Pinel Restraint System for the emergency department of the Barrie Memorial Hospital. The Pinel system makes it possible to satisfy the restraint requirements of all levels with a single system. In emergency restraint, the aggressive patient can be immobilized at seven points in less than ten seconds. The

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  • Internet Access for the Patients at the Emergency

    Today, people expect connectivity. It is therefore with great pleasure that the Foundation announces the installation of a Wi-Fi network for the patients waiting at the emergency. We know patients and those who accompany them become irritated if they feel their time is wasted. Having access to the internet will give those waiting the ability

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  • Our MP Stéphane Billette supports the Foundation!

    It is always a pleasure for me to support the Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation in different development projects to ensure a hospital that is more adapted to the needs of the community. In the photo, Mrs. Madeleine Himbeault Greig, president of the foundation. Source: Facebook. The Foundation wishes to express its thanks to Stéphane Billette, MP,

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