Our Hospital is the cornerstone of our community. With your support, the Foundation can realize major projects. These endeavors permits the Hospital to offer and maintain quality services with the most up-to-date technologies.

Honorary Wall

Anne Berry
Archie Blankers
Pauline Chapman
Roméo Daoust
Antal Ghillany
Ruth Graham
Bertha Greig
In memory of Alice Pierre
In Memory of John Collum
In memory of John Paquette
In memory of Marcel Maheu
In memory of Muriel and Bernard Brunet
Thelma M. Kearns
Réal Latreille
Duncan MacCuaig
National Valleyfield Ltée
Dorothea Paulig
Serge Prud’homme
James Raso
Vintage Snowmobile Club of the Adirondacks

9274-8441 Québec Inc.
Marcel Asselin
Yvon Benoît
Marguerite Bigras
Stéphane Billette, member of Que. Nat’l Assembly
Bourassa Boyer Inc.
David Charles
Denyse Chartrand
J. Léo Chartrand
Club Lions Ormstown
Barbara and John Collum
Stephen Dalgas
Johanne Delaunière
In memory of Charles and Thelma Dickenson
In memory of John and Violet Dickenson
In memory of Madge Balleine
In loving memory of Mario Dumas
In memory of Norbert Bourgon
In loving memory of Rose and Leo Nash
Samuel Forget
Jean-Paul Foucault
Gestion Verner Inc.
Denis Gravel
Michelle Greig
Madeleine Himbeault Greig
Hôpital vétérinaire Ormstown
L. G.
James McIntyre
Marguerite Méloche Amyot
Ruby Moore
Municipalité du Canton de Hemmingford
Darlene and Jacques Sabetta
Succession Marc-André Filion
Ryan Allen
Estate of Lillian Carrigan Stark

Lawrence Bergevin
Thomas A. Brown
Estate of Audrey Dickenson
In Memory of Peter M. Conway
In Memory of Ronald and Iona Maither
Lucie Chartrand
MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent
Municipality of Ormstown
Denise Ouimet
Estate of Georgette Maheu
In memory of Marcel Maheu

Association canadienne des motos anciennes
Desjardins Caisse du Haut-Saint-Laurent
Diabétiques Haut Saint-Laurent
In memory of Carol and Roland Greenbank
Gordon Lang
Les Vergers Leahy Inc., Jim and Alice Leahy
Owen M. Ness
Pharmacie Dan Hohuu et Michel Nguyen
Estate of Gérald Brault
Estate of Ghislain Beauchamps

Ensemble Vainquons le Cancer
Estate of Annie Gelsthorpe
Estate of Bruce Scriver
Stewart Kerr
Pauline Lantz Smith

Estate of Andrew F. Higgins
Estate of William Bembridge
Estate of Isabel Frith Templeton
In memory of Earl and Joyce Templeton

Estate of Bernice Smirle
Estate of Florence Hingston
Estate of Herbert Kelsey Jones

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