Our New CT Scanner!

Medical Imaging Department of the Haut-Saint-Laurent HSSC  
has a brand new look with its CT Scanner

The Barrie Memorial Hospital’s Medical Imaging Department now has a brand new look with its CT scanner operational and ready to receive clientele.  The renovation of the Medical Imaging Department, specifically to accommodate the installation of a scanner, allows the Haut-Saint-Laurent HSSC to offer a complete range of medical imaging services, thus providing an improved service to the population since diagnoses will be made much more quickly and efficiently.  Waiting time experienced by users for this type of examination will be greatly reduced.

The CT scanner and the construction work on the new Medical Imaging Department cost         $1,940,000.  In order to purchase and install the CT scanner, the Haut-Saint-Laurent HSSC received  financial support in the amount of $350,000 from the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Montérégie, $1,440,000 from the Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation and $150,000 from the Québec Foundation for Barrie Memorial Hospital.

A CT scanner is a piece of radiology equipment, consisting of an x-ray tomography system and a computer which carries out analyses to reconstruct images of each patient’s anatomy. This apparatus allows the entire body to be studied through the use of very fine anatomical segments.  This type of examination is quite often complementary to conventional radiology and echography.  In the case of individuals having had an accident, the physician can obtain a faster and more complete diagnosis.