About the Foundation

The Foundation of the Barrie Memorial Hospital was established in 1973 to collect donations or bequests to help the hospital better achieve its mission of care and health services to the population of the territory of the Haut-Saint-Laurent. 

The funds help maintain excellence in the quality of services offered to users by investing in medical devices and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. In addition, the Foundation is involved financially in the construction and renovation projects of the hospital.

The Foundation has never deviated from its purpose in order to financially support the best care and health services to the Barrie Memorial Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the population, the Foundation can continue its work.

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About the Hospital

The founders

In 1934, Miss Margaret Barrie died at the age of 83. She willed the residue of her estate towards the construction of a hospital in Ormstown. Dr. James Quintin and Dr. Murray Stalker were instrumental in making this project a success. A provincial charter was granted to the Barrie Memorial Hospital in 1939.

Margaret Barrie

Dr. Murray Stalker

The Barrie Memorial Hospital on Church Street in Ormstown

On December 2nd, 1939, the Barrie Memorial Hospital offi cially opened its doors on Church Street near the main street (Lambton) in Ormstown. Since the building had always been a private residence, it required extensive renovations in order to take on its new role. The building is still there today.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

In December 1950, the Barrie Memorial Hospital opened its door on Gale Street. The new hospital was built on farmland belonging to George English. New sections were added over the years; a medical centre on the east side (1956), the Emergency Room on the west side in the new Stalker Wing (1981), the third fl oor (1991) and the expansion of the Medical Imaging Department with the installation of a CT-scan (2010).

Official ceremony for the opening of the new hospital

The official ceremony for the opening of the new Barrie Memorial Hospital in 1950, in the presence from left to right of the Honourable Paul Martin, Federal Minister of Health, the Honourable J.A. Paquette, Provincial Minister of Health and Mr. Earl Walsh, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Barrie Memorial Hospital.