The Foundation House

The Foundation of the Barrie Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that a residence has been purchased close to the Barrie Memorial Hospital in Ormstown to receive resident physicians who come to practice at the Haut-Saint-Laurent HSSC. In view of the lack of medical staffing, this investment offers an additional asset for medical recruitment in the Haut-Saint-Laurent: an additional motivation for physicians to come and practice in the region. Dr. Sylvie Prévost, Director of Medical Affairs at the Haut-Saint-Laurent HSSC considers that, “The purchase of these welcoming accommodations is very good news. It will provide resident physicians with everything they need to ensure they enjoy living in our community and, we hope, to motivate them to make it their home on a permanent basis.”

Once again, the Foundation has demonstrated its sensitivity to medical recruitment needs. For many years, the Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation has been omnipresent in the community in providing financial support to the Barrie Memorial Hospital and thereby ensuring the continuous improvement of the community’s access to quality services.

This home is first and foremost for resident physicians. A resident physician is a student with a medical diploma who is pursuing a three-year program in family medicine in a hospital.